Solar Water Heating - The Smart Choice

The Solar Association of New Zealand is the Industry supported advocacy organisation for solar water heating solutions in New Zealand. The Association aims to inform, educate and support the consumer when considering solar water heating as an renewable energy solution for their home or business. With the implementation of our Customer Assurance Scheme, the Association provides a neutral, yet informed framework for choosing the system which best suits the desired application. On this website you can find information on:


Solar water heating systems are a smart investment

Solar systems can be installed in new buildings, or in your current building connected to your existing hot water heating system or with a replacement high efficiency hot water cylinder. Solar systems are inexpensive to install, provide free energy once installed, and reduce overall water heating costs.


Purchase a complying system from an Accredited Supplier

When considering purchasing a solar water heating system, make sure you purchase from a solar specialist. To get the best energy performance out of your new solar system it should be of a design suitable for your situation and should be installed for optimal performance. There are a range of models of solar system available, but optimal energy performance will only come from a system that has been properly designed as an integrated unit (collector, hot water storage tank and controller) that meets the New Zealand design and durability standards.

A solar specialist is trained to advise you on the model of system appropriate for your application and to ensure that it is installed to meet the Building Code requirements. The Solar Association recognises solar specialists, by way of accreditation, as Association Accredited Retailers and Installers.


Quality and Support through our Customer Assurance Scheme

The Solar Association is finalising our Customer Assurance Scheme which applies to solar water heating systems purchased from an Association Accredited Retailer. This scheme was launched in August 2014, and this website will be progressively updated during this month.